Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What do you see and hear?

What do you see in this world? What do you hear in this world?

Tonight I sat with my husband and watched The Piano Guys DVD. As they played Beethoven's Fifth Secrets, I couldn't help but be moved by the sound of the cello. Two wonderful songs combined to induce an emotional response.

It made me think...how do others view the world? Do they see music in the wind? or in the trees? or even in the busy streets of the city?
Do they see the colors of the world? The clashing tones of green and yellow in a flower garden? or the wispy white against a brilliant blue? or the silver shine of water on the ebony asphalt at night? or the reflections of the rainbow on the streets during a storm?

Does anyone hear the laughter of children? or the soft murmurings between a devoted couple? or the bells that ring at midday?

Does anyone see the dandelion seed float on the wind? or the lazy bird pecking at bugs on the air conditioning unit? or the water droplet running down a window pane?

Does anyone reach out and touch the world? Do they want to grasp its colors and surround themselves in its richness?

Or do they only see the gray future, the dimness of life, the withering structure of society? Do they only concentrate on bills, and jobs, and what has to be done?

I wonder...does anyone live life to its fullest knowing that it can end any day? Do they trust God and continue with life soaking in all the wonders that He has provided?

It wasn't just the DVD that had me thinking this. As I browsed the internet, bored out of my skull, I glanced out my window and at the streetlights shining down. I'm in a new place, a new home, a new town. It's all a discovery with me. And as my eyesight grows weaker and my hearing starts to dull, I realize that even if I lose my sense of sound and sight, I will always have my touch.

Of course, I hope that it will be years and years before my eyes and ears worsen to that extent; but it helps me appreciate even more what I've always appreciated.

God's world holds too many wonders for anyone to ignore.

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