Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Distractions in a Day

Distractions are numerous in a day, especially when someone battles depression. Some people would say that distractions are not productive. Some would say that I need to read the Bible more. Even others just offer prayer. But did you know that many famous people battled depression?

The one that comes foremost to mind is Dr. Charles Spurgeon. He battled depression throughout his life, but he knew what it was and that it could come calling for no apparent reason. What brought him through it? The Lord.
A simple enough answer. And I agree. The Lord isn't only found in reading the Bible. He can be found in coloring a page in a book.

 He can be found in watching some music videos by Christian artists. 

He can be found in reading a book or even writing a few paragraphs in a story. He can be found in petting a cat or dog or a guinea pig. He can be found just staring outside at the snow or the stars at night. 

No matter where I am or what I am doing, I can find the Lord and that is what helps me. I know He will bring me through this.

As Jeremy Camp sings in his song He Knows, "You barely have the strength to pray in the valley low", that is how I feel a lot these days. 

And He knows. And because He knows, He will hold me until I am through this valley.

If you know someone who seems downcast, depressed, or just feeling "blah", drop a line to him or her, call her, hug him, anything to just let them know that they are loved and in someone's thoughts. Life pulls us all in different directions and at times we are overwhelmed by the world that we can no longer recharge. Having our distractions helps us to concentrate on the One who matters. It may be slow, but I do believe He is recharging my battery.


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