Friday, March 11, 2016

Why That Name?

Do you put any thought into the names you chose for your children? Were they the most popular names or maybe a family name? Or did the name speak to you?

For me, each name for my children were actual names that I dreamed about.

Justin Caleb: I dreamed of the name Caleb. It means "bold" and in the Bible, Caleb was one of two who returned and praised God for the bounties that were there in the promised land. He didn't see the obstacles in the way because he knew that God would take care of those obstacles. Why? Because God promised the land to them and that was all Caleb needed to know.

And although I named my son Caleb, his heart is more like King David. Sure he may venture at times away from God, but like King David, Caleb is a man after God's heart and will always return to Him. 

Kaitlyn Michele: Even though my daughter didn't survive to take her first breath, I named her Kaitlyn. It means "pure", and she is a pure heart, a soul that never knew sin or hardship or sadness. She now dances with the Lord in eternal happiness.

Samuel Blake: I named my second son Blake. It means "dark, light", a duality of personality. This was a name I dreamed with such vividness I sat up in bed and exclaimed, "His name is Blake!".  And like his name's meaning, Blake has two sides to him: the light which shines as his love for the Lord, family, and friends, and the dark which is the quiet determination to see wrongs righted and longs to protect the innocent and weak. His anger at injustice will sometimes rule his heart, but the love that he feels balances him.

And though his name is Blake, he reminds me of Joseph (coat of many colors). Despite the injustice done to him, Blake forgives. He listens to the Lord and at times has dreams that help him make a decision. He strives to do right, to save for the future, and to be gentle with others. 

Will there be another name to dream? Yes. I have dreamed of another: a name that means "wise". Time will tell if it comes to pass. Until then I continue to watch my sons grow, and I continue to pray that they will never drift from the Lord.


  1. I didn't dream my son's name. I named him after my Uncle Ian. Ian and I grew up together and are only a year a part. I always loved the name even though many of our classmates called him Ann and upset him. To me he was strong and courageous. He stood up for himself and me. Ian means 'gift from God.' And my son is just that.

    1. My dad and his uncle grew up only a year apart and were close for years. That's great that you named him Ian in honor of your uncle. And that is such a wonderful name. :)

  2. Both of my sons were named after prophets in the Bibles. I wanted them to be men of God so that's why I chose them.