Sunday, May 8, 2016

Thy Words & Thy Heart

It was only the other day that I was notified that I had received an award. Say what? Never in my life, discounting those Kindergarten awards, had I ever received an award for anything I've created or done. 

Yes, I know all about how we as Christians build up our rewards in Heaven, but it is always nice to have a wee bit of encouragement from others. It is not seeking justification or self recognition. It is hoping for something to bolster me when I'm suddenly self doubting or feeling low. And as always God knows the perfect timing for such things.

When the award for  Christian Religious Romance certification of excellence by Radiqx was given to me, it brought me from that low I was experiencing to a new determination to finish my race and to never give up.

 To some a small award may not mean much, but to me, it is more than I can ever explain. Readers chose my book for this award which has certain strict criteria for books to meet. A reader found what I wrote to be deserving of this honor. And that humbles me to no end. How can I explain what I wrote? How can I tell people how I wrote this and received this award?

I can't.

I write what I know. And because God is such an integral and intimate part of my life, I write about Him and for Him.

Matthew 12: 37 "For thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."

These are words for me to live by. Only words that bring glory to Jesus will I write.  And maybe on some other day when I feel low I will remember that what I created had once touched people and bolstered their lives...just as they do mine. 

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