Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Grace Marshall & Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts

Some titles will jump out at me and this book is no exception. Curiosity overcame me and I had to learn more about this book and its author. And what a joy it was, too. I have a niece who loves horses and these books will bring her joy. (Glad she doesn't read my blog since I just gave away her Christmas present!)

Read more about Grace Marshall and her book, Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts

Grace Marshall was born in Wisconsin, lived for some time in Illinois and Tennessee, and currently resides in Missouri. She juggles her time between her cat, her oversized dog, her business, writing, and her dashing husband. She believes in living life to the fullest and can't wait to see where God will take her or have her write next. She is the author of the "Horse Haven" series and Person of Faith, as well as an occasional contributor of articles to newspapers. 

Her second book in the Horse Haven series, Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts, was released in September 2016.

Book blurb:

A spunky kitten on a daring rescue, a neglected mare full of love, and boys that recur like warts make teenager Ruth Deloach’s life far from boring. For every kind person that comes to the ranch there seem to be two warts. The attitudes and temperatures of southeast Missouri starkly contrast the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but Ruth doesn’t have time to adjust before her father holds an open house for their horse ranch, Meredith Meadows. Ruth’s overbearing older brother seems to just add dangerous sparks to her frustration as she tries to figure out who she has to be nice to and who she actually wants to be nice to. At first, the horse lessons on the ranch start making Ruth feel as if she is back in her comfort zone until she gets tossed by one of the horses. Sometimes the best way through life is to laugh through the tears, warts, and her own attempts to mow the grass in a straight line.

Sounds great, doesn't it!! 

Let's read more about Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts. 

[RBR] Your title is different and quite unique. How did you come by the title of your book?

[GM] The title emerged from the story. The first book in the series is No Pizza Delivery? and I wanted to continue along the same lines of having a fun and unique title. Both parts of the title are from scenes in the book.

[RBR] Your books are geared towards an younger audience, but yet it seems as though adults will enjoy it, too. Do you find writing for a younger audience challenging?

[GM] At times I find it somewhat difficult to find an appropriate balance between keeping the book from being too juvenile but also not too heavy or complicated with in depth material and difficult issues. I absolutely love writing for the age range of young adults to new adults, though. I hope my books can help and inspire people in those age ranges.

[RBR] What do you hope your readers will learn from your book? What is its main theme?

[GM] I hope readers will learn to laugh and shake things off when life comes at them. I hope they will learn that with God they are never alone and to keep moving forward because even if things are bad now, God has it under control.

[RBR] This is book 2 of the Horse Haven series, yes? Do you like having horses as a central part of your books? How do you incorporate the use of horses in your stories?

[GM] Yes, it is book two. I really enjoy having horses as a central part of my books. I have been horse crazy since I was a little girl. When I was a teenager I had a hard time finding good horse series for teens, so I am writing those books I was looking for. Horses are a very active part of the stories since they take place on a horse ranch and the main character, Ruth, is horse-crazy. She learns a lot about horses and spends time with different horse characters throughout the books.

Fun question:
[RBR] What is your favorite classic movie and why?

[GM] “It’s A Wonderful Life” because of the message. It really is a wonderful life, even when things are bad, don’t give up hope!

Grace, that is my favorite movie, too! It's been great hosting you on Pen, Paper, & a Keyboard.

To connect with Grace and learn more about her books, please use the links below. 




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