Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmastime in Iowa

The snow has fallen. Wind chills have dipped to negative temperatures. And we still vacant our domiciles and venture into the shopping world. That is life in Iowa. A little snow (about a foot or more) won't hinder us a bit, maybe delay us, slow us down, but not hinder.

I think it is different for true Iowans rather than transplants; but we hang in there with the best of them (although sometimes we seem to be more layered clothing-wise than they).

Yesterday we spent a little time at the mall shopping for each other. With not a lot of money, wise choices had to be made. For some reason my husband thinks shopping for me is hard. That I don't understand. I appreciate any gift given. From rocks to books, from house shoes to a scarf, and anywhere in between. I like sparkles, the color white, psychedelic patterns and colors, books, music, little blankets or pillows, snowglobes/waterglobes/globes, and even maps. In other words, to me a gift from the heart is more priceless than the greatest ruby. 

I found a few things for my husband today, too. Hit a deal that scored a freebie item, one that was severely discounted, and another by using some rewards points that I had garnered.  Found exactly what I wanted to give to my son.

But Christmas isn't about presents under the tree. That is just a perk of the holiday. The ultimate present is Jesus. Born to die for us and to be set as King of all nations.
I love this holiday. The lights, the snow and weather, the tree, the warm cocoa, the music and art, but most of all, the love that this holiday has the ability to show.

As the year closes, and as I read my one book that I always love to read at this time of year, I can reflect that through the grace of Christ, born unto us as our Saviour, this year was a pretty good year.

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