Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Two Days+One Book=Infinite Rewards

The other day a book's title was shared with me. Curious about an author from across the pond, I thought I would buy it and give it a try. And boy, was it a reward beyond belief!

There was so much insight and knowledge, perfect for the everyday reader, that bursts forth from Following Wherever He Leads by Joan Crory. To me, it was a truly remarkable and rewarding book.

A passage from the book: "And God has put you where you are to help meet the needs of the folk around you.", speaks volumes. This book is the epitome of that statement. It was put here to meet the needs of its readers.

I know it met a lot of my needs. From learning that to follow Christ means not to lead a simple life to knowing that Christ knows all our trials because He experienced them all. And the part about prayer and our prayer life? The analogy used broke this concept into easily, understandable bits and pieces. The more I read into each chapter, the more rewards I received it seemed. 

My favorite was the last chapter: Memorandum. An out-of-the-box thinking that pushed me to view my relationship with Christ from a whole new angle. This was truly a remarkable book and one that I plan on revisiting time and time again.

If you are curious about it, read my review at Rebel Book Reviews. You won't be disappointed in this deeply insightful book.

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