Thursday, February 23, 2017

Uplifting Others

It has been something that rankles me, how other Christian authors consider this profession as a competition. I would think this if I were in the secular, aka general, market where I was up against other authors and trying to make my name known and my book sold; but, I am in a Christian market where our first and foremost thought, at least I would assume it to be, is to glorify Jesus Christ and lift up His name.

When Paul wrote his letters and traveled from place to place, he did not begrudge Peter, Barnabas, or Timothy as they traveled to places, too. No. He lifted them up in prayer knowing that what they did benefited all and glorified Christ. He didn't see these men as competition, but as brothers.

That's how I see my fellow CBA authors: as brothers and sisters in Christ. When I share their books, their successes, their posts, their news, I am sharing a portion of the gospel so that it will reach others. I'm thrilled to share those books that I have read and loved. And if a person chooses their book over mine, I am happy for that author. Do I feel saddened that I wasn't chosen?

Well, yeah. A wee bit. But it may be that my book wasn't what was needed for that person, but the other book was. And that is what I am elated to rejoice in.

To me, by sharing another author's book, I am sharing a message that glorifies Christ and may help another. As Christians we are to uplift each other. And for each act of kindness, blessings unfold exponentially. (which I see like this: for 1 act, there are 2 blessings. For 2 acts, there are 4 blessings. For 4 acts, there are 16 blessings. For 16 acts, there are 256 blessings, and so on.)

We may never see each and every blessing, but they are there. And if you really sit back and think, helping out another makes you feel good, and I mean really good. You are happier. Everything starts to look brighter. That is because we are concentrating on the positive, and not the negative.

So when you get a chance to help out another author, do it. Share that story. It may be just the one that leads another person to Christ. And do not forget, that person may also want to read your book, too.

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