Thursday, May 18, 2017

He Cried at My Wedding

He cried that day. He broke down; tears dropped down his cheeks; he hid his face briefly before he took a deep breath to watch me as I walked down the aisle with my son.

I asked him later, or maybe he asked me if I knew why. Either way, I did know why he cried. I wanted to also cry. There was a hitch in my step as I saw him. The feeling to run away wasn't what I felt; I felt the need to rush to him and throw myself into his arms. But proper behaviour had me gripping my son's arm as he escorted me to stand before the man who would be my husband.

I know that I wasn't his family's favored woman for him. I was older (technically still am). I was Southern Baptist. He was Pentecostal. But all that didn't matter to us.

Maybe it was that first meeting long ago when my brother introduced his best friend. I did gasp a little and felt a kinship with him. I made sure whenever he and my brother visited there were drinks and snacks, especially for him (he's diabetic). Maybe it was that day my brother married. His best friend married on the same day he turned another year older. My oldest son and I were there as witnesses. Maybe it was the playful attitude as I tried to capture his picture.

Whatever the moment, somewhere along that path that God set us upon, we grew closer. We both experienced heartache of having death steal a loved one away. We had a bond that we never noticed at first. Then one day it changed. Barely three weeks later we were together, and wondered why did it take us so long?

Answer: we needed to have our hearts ready. And now that it's his birthday, it had me thinking that these four and half years of marriage to him had been the most wonderful, despite our trials in life. 

We know each other as well as we know ourselves. Our happiness comes from the each other's happiness. His smile makes me feel loved. Without him, I am incomplete. God brought us together. God made us one flesh. 

Today as we celebrate his birthday, I can't help but be thankful that I have this man by my side in all things. His love for his stepsons, for his family, and for me shines a brightness upon us all. 

Happy birthday, my husband, my beloved. 
(and Happy anniversary to my brother and sister-in-law).

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