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Discussion Questions
Mississippi Nights
1. What caused the resentment between the two brothers? Do you think David, in his heart, knew that Jeremy could not do anything to prevent Rebecca's death?
2. At whom was David's resentment really aimed?
3. Do you think guilt played a major part in the brothers' lives? How so?
4. What do you think caused David's downfall?
5. Maggie and Dean had a calming effect on the brothers. How would you describe their relationship with David and Jeremy?
6. If each character could symbolize an emotion or parable, what would it be?

7. Symbolism and motifs are a major part of the novel, especially fire. How would you describe the use of fire in the novel? What other symbolism do you think the novel contains?

8. Jeremy wore gloves over his scarred hands. Could his reasoning have been he was hiding from himself or do you think there was another underlying purpose?

9. During prayer, David gripped the rocks so tight his hands became scarred. Jeremy's scarred hands were caused by physical fire. David's was from a spiritual fire. How could one compare the scarred hands of the brothers to the scarred hands of Christ?

10. During the family's intervention, David has to confess his sins before them. How would you feel if you were in David's shoes and you had to confess your addiction in front of your family? How hard do you think it would be?

11. During one scene Dean tells Jeremy: "I want you to carry your brother's burden." What could have been his purpose?
12. As David poured out the liquor, do you think Jeremy may have realized how far his brother had fallen and how much David would need his family?
13.  Do you believe David may have realized how much he had spent on his addiction?
14. Knowing the differences in Poppy's and David's social and family statuses, how did they influence each other in a Godly way?